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Jungle Lodges In The Amazon

A Jewel in the top of the Mountain!

A Jewel in the top of the Mountain!

São Pedro da Serra is a jewel! By strolling along the main street a cenographic image comes to my mind! It looks like one of those Brazilian Soap Operas. Step by step you start seeing pictures in which the collors of the village…
Safety Measures Against Pandemia - COVID-19

Safety Measures Against Pandemia - COVID-19

We are in Lockdown, but working hard to make your trip through Brazil safer and safer! In the meantime let us take care of your next plans! Stay safe, whenever possible stay at home! Here an overview of the measures…


How to Get Through Tough Times & Come Out Even Stronger! My name is Carlos Silva, I run, I write; I have also written NOMAD and all apps of our NOMAD Platform! We are a DMC for Brazil…


Antarctica – a World of Discoveries

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  •   Tudo sistematizado com acompanhamento em tempo real. Impressionante! Assistência a um clique de distância em todos os trajetos



  •   Viagem incrível com o melhor de Buenos Aires. Cidade e estancia. Hotel, traslados, eles foram muito organizados.


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