My name is Carlos Silva, and I am in love with Brazil and South America. My passion is connecting our different South American cultures to the world.

I live in Rio, and I travel the world!

My main idea is connection. Sights of South America, a talent in every corner! Faces of Rio, corners of Sâo Paulo, tastes of Buenos Aires, Secrets of Machu Picchu, Amazon waters! If a song, a trip, a dish.. I want to share that with you, and will be delighted to hear your thoughts.

By the way I run OPCO Tours & Events!

And because we love South America and because of all we want to share of our neighborhood, our trips are designed thinking about your South American experience in every detail. Welcome to nomadontheroad.club,  welcome to  OPCO Tours and to your new South American Experience.

It is a pleasure to have you with us in this journey!

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This is a platform where you can get information on Tourism, Arts, Music, Cinema, Design, Wellness,  Education & General Information on the different countries in South America.

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