“Brazilian Overview” – Monthly Report

PANROTAS Magazine & FeComercio/SP launch monthly Report on the Tourism Activity in Brazil!

We hope you are all fine, healthy and safe. Possibly facing these tough days with your family and loved ones (in presence or remote).

Panrotas – a publication specialized in the tourism sector in Brazil – along with FeComercio/SP have launched the first edition of the Brazilian Overview. A monthly Report on the Tourism Activity in Brazil.

The idea is to give professionals and players from all over the world a tool to assist them do business in Brazil. It should help them find their way round in our country also in Pandemia (and Post-Pandemia) times.

The Report is written in Portuguese and English! There you will find relevant data that should help you planning future business in Brazil and help in the recovery and reconstruction of the Tourism Sector in our beautiful county..

You may subscribe and download the Report by clicking the box bellow. By subscribing you will be guaranteeing your Report free of charge on a monthly basis.

And in case you need more information, or have plans for future travel business in Brazil (or any South American country) and need assistance, just let us know.

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