How to Get Through Tough Times & Come Out Even Stronger!

My name is Carlos Silva, I run, I write; I have also written NOMAD and all apps of our NOMAD Platform! We are a DMC for Brazil & South America, based in Rio de Janeiro! 

In these days of Pandemia and Lockdowns, and seeing our businesses being washed away, I decided I could try to do something to help others! To help my partners, clients, to help my colleagues in the tourism business, but also in any business.

Something to help those in the same boat in which I find myself! “Boat Planet Earth”, going on an incredible Journey. We are passengers in this Journey!

One way ticket, no ride back! A trip of Life.., sometimes difficult, but that will take mankind, I am convinced, into a fascinating Future!

1,5 years ago, seeing the drastic changes our tourism business was facing I went to school (I do it from time to time). And started learning a little bit about Technology! Algorithms, Machine Learning, Automation, Digital Marketing, Costumer Journey, SEO! 

A special remark here goes to the fact that these are all “user-friendly, no-code” courses! It is basically like those “tutorials”  Apple has where you learn how to use Apple Watch, Apple TV, or sync your devices!

I learned how to create websites, and blogs, how to prepare beautiful digital marketing campaigns, via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.., how to track’em all together. How to use tracking tools, CRM.., AI! How to measure and obtain real time ROI & KPIs! How to create videos, Landing Pages, intelligent Google Tools! I created our eCommerce Area! And different Apps..! Our NOMAD Platform!

I learnt how to automatize and run my business with the help and use of Artificial Intelligence!

And I learnt that in the Digital world (where we will all be making business from now on), .. in the Era of Consumer Journey, a qualified e-mail address is the “currency”!

First I created a Blog..,! If you want to be heard, .. you have to communicate! Your blog brings consumer to your world. Soon you realize that most of the content you create for your blog can be (should be) also published in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc..!

Once the blog was online I connected, integrated that to flights, hotels, insurance, transfers “vending machines”,.. robots! It helps you start monetizing from right away! Create a PayPal account.., or talk to your bank, most of them have digital payment solutions nowadays…, easy!

I contracted a beautiful Landing Page AI Generator for descriptions, WETU! Amazing beautifully described itineraries within minutes! And another one for the eCommerce area! It looks great and we can serve clients in different languages in this stage of their journey! 

I got it all integrated! HubSpot & Salesforce do great jobs, if you have the budget for that, use both!  Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hubspot.., WETU the best of the most updated technology is available, and affordable!

I created and branded Add-Movies! Another AI assisted Generator helped me with the movies. By the way, iMovie is a great tool! It was all homemade.

In the Marketing point of view, I am sure it draws attention from potential clients in the traditional market with whom we spoke and planned some projects for the future!

So, I had it all ready! But I could not stop!

And learnt via Google Platforms how to built “non-coded”apps!

And built all Apps on our NOMAD Platform!

NOMAD shows Rio de Janeiro Historic area, inviting you on a free of charge “Walking Tour of Historical Rio”! In the future it will show several parts of Brazil. I configured the system so it tracks a certain geo-location and shows user where are the “hotspots”, the attractions, the restaurants, the museums.., metro stations..! Each attraction has a picture, descriptions. It can be programmed to have evaluations, price range.., menu..,  whatever you want! It can be programmed so people can buy goods, as a voucher! By clicking on the next attraction in the map, it shows you the way to it!

We started NOMAD in Rio Historic Downtown! I am just now working on a NOMAD Project in a beautiful and charming  little town, in the mountains between Rio and Búzios! But it can “teleported” to anywhere in the world. For the most different means!

Do you have an event in a certain New York City area and want to direct participants to certain places, for any reason? And at the same time give them lots of information about that area? Bingo..!

NOMAD can also sell (offer)  products to this public during the time you want based on your goals!

I also created the operational interfaces at the Platform! Both based on QR-Code readings!

NOMADStaff controls our 200 staff working with the cruise lines in Brazilian ports! It tells us how many hours a staff has worked and how much he has to receive, among other things! Works also as Staff ID! And is able to create automate billing and send automated operational reports to client!

NOMADLog controls luggage checked by cruise-line passengers! It checks & tracks luggage from the moment we get it from passenger, until the time we deliver that at the end his cruise! And communicates with passengers sending receipts, creating damaged luggage reports, etc!

It all helped me not only communicate, integrate with my staff but it also helps me run my business in almost real time! It helps promote my company, my regions, my destination! It allows me to help my community!

I envision this as a TV Network in the 60ies! They had the technology and the starting knowledge, they got sponsors and reached the public with content!

In case you would like to know more I am more than pleased to tell you my story in person, via email, or on a Zoom or Skype Call! We will be at Planet IMEX!

It might help you emerge stronger out of the COVID-19 crisis! It may also help you make ends meet if the crisis persists!

Don’t you think that some of your clients may be interested in getting souvenirs, handicrafts from those regions you somehow represent? From the exotic places on Earth! This is just one of the many possibilities!

Take care, stay safe, if possible, at home!

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