Petrópolis A Jewel In The Mountains

In Times Of Post-Truth, The City Doesn’t Go Right, Nor Left! Away From Political Discussions.. Petrópolis Is.., Imperial!

I was in Petrópolis this weekend, near the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. I was delighted: the city is very well maintained, beautiful, pleasant and cultural. Mild climate, clean streets, architecture from the era of imperial Brazil. Petrópolis is an invitation to the past, the preserved history of Brazil!

In the Imperial Museum a tour of the period when Dom Pedro II lived in the city and was our Emperor. His family, the arrival of Dom Joao in Brazil, the abolition of slavery, clothing, paintings … his house, the halls, the European refinement, the fundamental cultural exchange for the construction of Brazilian identity.

Santos Dumont House

Santos Dumont House is a creative and sensory experience. You can understand a little bit more about the man who invented the 14 Bis and who decide to put an end to his life at the age of 59 for – in his mind – having contributed to wars with his creation.

“Here is a controversy: certain countries consider that the Wright brothers were the inventors of the airplane; but French and Brazilian historians award the merit to Dumont. It is worth observing every detail of the house. A relatively quick and delicious visit!”

The Wax Museum is a fun ride: Neymar, Pele, Gisele Bündchen, among other international stars, are to be seen! The Bohemia Brewery is a dive into the world of producing one of the most popular drinks in the world. A tour with understanding, tasting and (the possibility of..) shopping at the end. Petrópolis water is a special ingredient to this beer, due to its exceptional quality.

The food is excellent and believe me, I saw a Bier Garden right in the city center … The music scene is also active and there are nice cultural evening options! Different choices for all tastes. Besides being one of the most beautiful cities of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis – as a rule in Brazil – is green!

Long live the beauty of Rio de Janeiro Imperial Mountains! The most German of Rio de Janeiro Cities!


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