World’s Biggest Mobile Bookstore Visiting Rio

Logos Hope brings to Rio de Janeiro the biggest floating bookstore in the world! With a message of peace and hope!

(extracted from “Rio de Boas Notícias”)

Cruise ship will have a 20 day call in town. As well as donating and selling books at low prices, it showcases theatre and musical performances on board.

Logos Hope, the cruise ship that is home to the biggest floating bookstore in the world with over 5 thousand titles on board, arrives in Rio September 18, and stays until October 8, 2019. The ship belongs to a non profit organisation and its objective is to bring knowledge, help and hope to each place it visits. For this, the team counts with the valuable assistance of 400 volunteers from 65 countries.

Logos Hope arrives in Brasil August 23, in Santos. From there it heads to Rio, staying 20 days, and then sets sail to Vitoria (Oct 09 – 22), Salvador (Oct 24 – Nov 12) and Belém (Nov 18 – Dec 06).

Board volunteers also leave the ship to join ongoing social projects in the ports of call. They’ve helped build schools, hospitals, sports centers. They have as well, helped with medical assistance and different types of donations from water filters to ocular lenses.

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