Rio De Janeiro, Art & Antiques!

Samba, Jazz, Bossa, Art, Antiques, Fashion, Food & Lots Of Fun At “Rua do Lavradio Antiques Fair”!

Years ago, a group of Antiques handlers started exposing their products once a month, every first Saturday, at Rua do Lavradio, Downtown Rio, in Lapa. The city re-born old downtown area and bohemian centre!

It was cool to stroll around, have a beer, meet some friends and have lunch at one of the many nice restaurants in the area. Luckily you would even listen to some Samba made in one of the bars at the corners of the street. And one could even feel like coming back late at night, to one of the samba clubs, where great music is played! Rio Scenario is right “down the street”!

Well, what happened to be a “feirinha” grew into a popular event where lots of artists show their crafts. You will see fine made dresses, t-shirts, shoes, pictures, drawings, sculptures and antiques. There will be samba, in several places around, there will be music for sure. And lots of nice bars around! A great place to visit, see “cariocas” and be seen by “cariocas”!

If I lived in Rio, I would come here every month to buy antiques. They have wonderful things, at affordable rates. And like to bargain! It is amazing.., a place “Cariocas” and tourists are finding out “at the same time”!

In planing a trip to Rio, if you have the chance of a stay that includes the first Saturday. It makes lots of sense to plan a visit downtown. Including Lapa and the “Rua do Lavradio Antiques Fair”! This is Rio, in its roots! You can plan for lunch at the area, or arrive at around 3:00 PM, here it starts to hot up! And have fun!

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