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A Crowdfunding Social Project! Stimulating The Precious Brazilian Performing Arts!

Going along with our line of thinking, connecting and spreading ideas, I am pleased to talk about a great project, that will fascinate whoever wants to have a look at what influences Brazilian Art Creation. A hidden gem to whoever plans a trip to South America and wants to travel to Brazil or more precisely to Rio de Janeiro and “see it from inside”! “Like A Native”!

Do you want to be part of a wonderful social responsibility crowdfunding? It can be reached by clicking here.

The project is called “Looping”. I spoke with the awarded filmmaker Luiz Duarte about it. Here his words:

What is the film about?

The project is signed by filmmaker, Director and Creator of COMNIC, Luiz Duarte. The story is about the result of 15 mini-stories, that succeed each other, in a looping in cascade form: when a story flows and ends into the next one, and where in the end of the trajectory of a character, he/she changes the lives of several of the anonymous future coming characters. It works as a mirror of life itself; where each of us, at each moment, is changing the lives of people around us, for good and bad! Almost always in an unintended way! In “Looping” each of the stories has high emotional density, constantly alternating drama with funny moments.

Which is the Productions’ Strategy?

As a general rule in all COMNIC projects, it has the self-sustainability concept, a concept of cultural resistance, the concept of creating high-quality-low-budget-pieces! And the concept of fundraising always in an alternative way! In a particular moment in which Brazilian Cultures sees itself stagnated as in a “sea of mud” in all areas, the existence of COMNIC works as a light spot of hope for the future of our culture and of the Brazilian Arts Production.

Who is the Director?

Luiz Duarte is one of the most awarded Brazilian dramaturgists with more than 25 theatre productions, being awarded with the “Mambembe Prize” three times; and with a “Jabuti Literature Prize”. Along the 90ies Luiz Duarte run and coordinated a team with over 100 co-workers in his own producing company, keeping a corporative TV program in Brasilia “on-air”, remotely producing and coordinating the project with over 1.000 Km distance , 10 hours daily of finalized and unprecedented TV content!

Which is COMNIC’s Idea?

Run by Luiz Duarte, the big objective of COMNIC is to create a self-sustainable Actresses and Actors Casting Company with no similar in the world in its production model.

What is a Self-Sustainable Casting Company?

A Self-Sustainable Casting Company is the one that is qualified by the capacity of its artists not only of participating in the projects acting, but also having fundamental roles in things like: creation, maintenance, repairs, from administrative to technical issues; passing by cleaning and maintaining the location.

Why is Comnic unique in the world?

So far all other Self-Sustainable Casting Companies are focused exclusively in theater. COMNIC works not only with theater pieces, but also with TV & Cinema.

What has the project achieved so far?

Up to this moment we achieved what seems to be the most difficult: – a great location. The place which is the house of Central de Produções da COMNIC (COMNIC’s Headquarters). The place is a mansion at Alto da Boa Vista District, inside Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro. A bucolic place where Rio shows the best of its exuberance. A hidden-gem! It has over 1000 square meters. In this place we are building our rehearsal studios, 2 TV studios, edition isles, sound studio, meeting room, kitchen, changing room, and an atelier for making clothes and cenography.

Why is this project important, exactly at this “timing”?

Brazilian Culture is under attack. Any art project, in any area, that manages to go until the end, all the way through, is due to a huge cultural resistance. In Brazil at this moment all governamental fundraising options are “shut down” (were finished by the Government due to lack of funds), one of the few ways of raising funds is going through alternate ways. And by doing so, we keep the fire of Brazilian Art Production alive!

“Looping” has a crowdfunding, for now available only in Portuguese. We can help in case you want to joint and help Comnic! It can be reached by clicking here.

Apart from that, a visit to COMNIC or a week program with Luiz is something great that we can easily arrange!

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