A New Rio Is Born

With the new Hilton Barra, and many hotels that were built for the World Cup and Olympics, Rio de Janeiro got a reasonable number of new beds and hotel facilities. It also geographically reshaped the city in terms of accommodation offers.

Whoever thinks about visiting Rio has one word in mind: Copacabana! The beautiful beach with the shape of a “half-moon”and those beautiful stone made sidewalks that give us an idea of the sea waves. Beautiful, nostalgic, iconic. Copacabana Beach, Copacabana Avenue (actually Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Ave), Copacabana District and its 3 Metro stations. 🙂

There are though some other very interesting areas in Rio de Janeiro, where one can spend a great time. Apart from downtown, which is the best place to stay if you have business in that area, we have Ipanema (the noble extension of Copacabana, birth of many of Rio’s cultural and innovative ideas) with its beautiful shops and the charming Leblon district with its cafes and restaurants at Rua Dias Ferreira.

Barra da Tijuca is though the area where the biggest number of hotels was newly constructed. It is the place called “Rio Miami”, with its wide roads and shopping malls. But not only that.., Barra has 18 Km beach (that end up at the beautiful Recreio Beach that connects to Prainha and Grumari, Rio’s paradise for surfers). Many of the nicest restaurants clubs and bars are also located in Barra da Tijuca.

And – since – 2015 we have the Hilton Barra, opened just for the Olympics, now working in full mode!! A beautiful property! It has beautiful nicely decorated rooms with Hilton style amenities and equipment (an iron and an iron-bed, for instance, are to be found in every room).

The Hilton Barra maintain the same shape of most Hiltons in the last two decades, lots of space, high ceiling, lots of light.., beautiful decoration, art, sustainability and technology. A beautiful property. It offers a beach shuttle, beach service with agreement with a beach kiosk, is located at the heart of Barra da Tijuca, easy reachable from anywhere in town. Quick access from/to the airports (very close to Jacarepaguá Domestic Airport) and to public transport.

Excellent food, and beautiful bars including a “chic” roof top bar. Musical attractions Fridays and Saturdays eves! Art is everywhere!

The Hilton Barra is the right place to stay if you come to a Congress, Meeting or Event at Rio Centro, or to a musical festival, like Rock in Rio. Apart from that, the hotel offers a lot in terms of fun activities and entertainment. A real 5 star hotel in Rio!

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