Norwegian launches low cost flights connecting UK to Brazil

Norwegian Airlines is launching the first low costs flights connecting the UK and Brazil with a direct flight between London and Rio de Janeiro. Flights will be available with rates from approximatelly £240 per person one-way.

Currently Norwegian offers an increasing flight network between London and 12 different popular destinations in the USA and Argentina. “O new direct flight is great news for the connectivity between our two countries. It will certainly contribute to the increase of british passengers visiting Brazil and enjoying its natural beauties. It will also help creating more jobs in both countries and improve competition, potentially reducing travel costs for consumers”, said Fred Arruda, Brazil Ambassador to the UK.

Four weekly services will start from March 31, 2019, using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with up to 344 seats divided in Economy and Premium classes.

Brazil is a fantastic acquisition to our global folio and we are anxious to receive our customers onboard our Dreamliners and deliver premium services at affordable rates, said Bjorn Kjos, CEO of the Norwegian Group…


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