The Best of AI in Planning Your Trip

Artificial Intelligence  has arrived and is now part of our lives! We try to make the best use of it, assisting you build your trip to South America. It is lots of fun!

Once you enter our site, if you click on the Orange box or at Customize at our home page, you will land at our robots area. The advantage of our bots is that they have huge knowledge.

They learn more and more everyday.  And you can book your international and domestic flights, your hotel room, your excursions in most cities in South America (and actually, in some cases, the world), you can buy tickets for spectacles and book your airport shuttles!

You can also book your cruise, rent-a-car, or take a chance of purchasing your travel insurance, before travelling, or while travelling! 

The big advantage of our machines is they are search engines that will always look at the best available offer in our partners inventory on that moment of your search. It gives us, wonderful rates!

Our bots área is perfect for independent and experienced travelers. Here you will find the best market rates!

Our bots can be very helpful in taking you to flights, hotels and discoveries!

It is important to note that exactly for the fact that this area gives us the best rates. It is the area where we have the smallest chance of interference. You will be then directed to the websites of our partners (those places our bots found the best offers for the service of product you were looking for).

The robot will search for the best available offers based on your booking criteria. And take you to this page so you can purchase it!

You can book flights, hotels, transfers, rent cars, you can book an excursion or purchase a museum ticket or book a cruise.

“This is a one stop shop, you can find everything you are looking for in planning and booking a trip”

That all in the most different languages.

Do you have a question? Let me know. I will be delighted to research and get back asap and will make use of our bots, they will be pleased to assist.


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