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The public starts taking their seats in the theatre, soon it will be crowded. It is the “early-bird” samba show on board one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. Stopped for a call in Rio de Janeiro, the beautiful city! Usually we offer two shows, one right after the 6PM dinner and the second one around 9PM!

Everything is set, we just finished sound check half an hour ago, all instruments in tune. Percussions guys are in full mood. It will be a great evening.

Tonight we will stroll around Brazilian culture with a 45 minute pocket show. We will feature Samba, Chorinho, Lambada, Maracatú, Capoeira and will end up in a beautiful Carnival party where the public is invited to join us at the stage and from wherever they are in the theatre.

Not everyone comes to the stage. But the party is great. It is nice to look at the shining eyes. This is Brasileiríssimo, our private genuine Brazilian Samba Show. In Rio or anywhere!

Beautiful, deluxe and authentic Carnival costumes. And Capoeira!

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